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Aluminum Foil Applications

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Many of the principal aluminum foil uses and markets, and a number of specialty applications, have been mentioned in connection with discussions of various properties or converting operations in other sections of this book. But the versatility of aluminum foil and the literally hundreds of ways in which it is used in commerce throughout the world, demand more comprehensive listing of end uses.

An excellent condensation of major aluminum foil applications is afforded by the converted and nonconverted foil end-use classifications given in Table1. These are used for the aluminum foil end-use report compiled annually by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Presented on the pages that follow, is an overview of the many kinds of specific types of aluminum foil packages and other products.

The basic categories in which all statistically identifiable aluminum foil applications are reported by the Aluminum Association to indicate industry shipments are as follows:

Packaging End Uses

  • Semi Rigid Foil Containers - Bakery Goods, Frozen Foods and other
  • Caps, cap-liners and packaging closures for Beverages, milk, foods and other
  • Composite cans and canisters - Powdered drinks, auto supplies, Food snacks, Citrus and other juices, Refrigerated dough, other frozen food products
  • Flexible Packaging end uses - labels, cartons, over wraps, wrappers, capsules, bags, pouches, seal hoods and overlays for semi rigid foil containes.
  • Military specification packaging

Nonpackaging End Uses

  • Household foil
  • Institutional foil
  • Gift wrap
  • Florist foil
  • Decorative uses, n.e.c. (including fancy paper, match covers, displays, novelties, ornaments, etc.)
  • Nonpackaging end uses, n.e.c. (including chaff)
  • Scrap, waste, and unaccounted for

Selected non converted foil products

  • Unmounted, unconverted foil stock sold to end users for candy and gum wraps
  • Insulation foil and building products
  • Capacitor(condenser) Foil
  • Fin Stock (under .006")
  • Strip Conductor stock (under .006")
  • Litho plate stock
  • Christmas tree stock
  • Honeycomb stock
  • Nameplate and decorative trim stock

Aluminum Foil Applications