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Adhesives applied to Aluminum Foil Tape

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A wide range of adhesive materials is available for use with aluminum foil, but special requirements of each application dictate selection.

The adhesive selected must adhere well to both the foil surfaces and to the material to which it is to be bonded. Other specific requirements which affect the choice of adhesives are color, odor, toxicity, and resistance to heat, cold and moisture.

For convenience, adhesives may be classified as

  1. heat-seal
  2. water soluble emulsions and dispersions
  3. thermoplastics in lacquer type solvents
  4. hot melts (natural and synthetic waxes)
  5. extruded film adhesives

Typical Adhesives for Laminating Aluminum Foil

Aluminum FoilNitrile, neopreme, polyvinyl acetate, PVC(polyvinyl chloride) butyl, GRS.,polyurethane,polyester
CellophaneNeoprene, butyl dispersion, GRS dispersion, polyvinyl acetate emulsion, polyesters,polyurethanes, PVC.
Cellulose AcetateNitrile,neoprene, GRS(solvent or water type) polyvinyl acetate emulsion, PVC
GlaassineSolvent, wax or extrusion bonding
Wood, Fiberboard, Paper or textilesGRS dispersion, polyvinyl acetate, butyl dispersion, asphalt dispersion, nitrile,neoprene, polyesters
MylarNitrile/phenolic, vinyl/nitrile, vinyl copolymer resin, polyurethane, polyester
PliofilmNeoprene, nitrile
PolyethyleneButyl, GRS, polyurethane, neoprene
PolystyreneGRS dispersion, reclaim (solvent or dispersion), neoprene dispersion(contact type)
SaranNeoprene, nitrile
VinylNitrile/phenolic, vinyl/nitrile, vinyl, copolymer resin

Adhesives for General Fastening Aluminum Foil

Typical fastening adhesives used to make foil package seams and closures, and to bond elements of other foil products to themselves or to other materials, are given in below.

To Bond Aluminum to (Material)Consider a Formulation from Among These Adhesive Type
Fiberboard or WoodNeoprene, polyvinyl acetate, butyl dispersion
TextilesAny adhesive in this table
CellophaneNeoprene, polyvinyl acetate,butyl dispersion
Cellulose AcetateNeoprene, nitrile, polyvinyl acetate, GRS dispersion, Hypolon dispersion
PolyethyleneButyl, GRS
PolystyreneButyl dispersion, Hypolon dispersion
SaranNitrile, neoprene
MylarNitrile, vinyl-nitrile, vinyl, Scotchpar
PliofilmNeoprene, nitrile, polypropolene
Alumiunm Foil or other metalNeoprene, nitrile, GRS, butyl, polyvinyl acetate