Converting Aluminum Foil

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Converting Aluminum Foil

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Aluminum foil's versatility extends to its excellent adaptability to practically all converting processes employed to produce scores of flexible and semi-rigid products. Aluminium foil is used plain or in combination with other materials. It is coated, and it is laminated to papers, paperboards, and plastic films. It can be cut by any cutting method, and can be wrapped and die formed into any shape.

Foil also is readily printed, embossed, slit into strips, and sheeted. Plain, unmounted foil may also be etched, or anodized for specific electrical uses, or for any purpose: also, coating, printing or anodizing may follow etching, for example, if desired.

Not only is aluminum foil a willing partner in all of the primary converting operations, even the secondary manufacturing, such as pouch making and carton making, and also final packaging processes, involving filling and sealing, and casing unit packs for shipment, all are adaptable to the compatible characteristics of foil.

Flexible and rigid structures of many types are readily designed and produced to perform satisfactory on appropriate packaging equipment.

Selection of foil alloys, gauges, and tempers for combining with other materials, or for converting bare, is dependent in varying degree on end-use requirements, converting process factors, and properties of other converting materials to be used. Frequently, a laminated structure, such as foil/film, proves to be the most economical combination of materials which will provide the necessary properties for the application.

However, analysis of end-use requirements may lead to any one of a wide variety of foil choices, ranging from plain or coated foil with no backing, to a multi-layer laminate involving several films and/or papers; occasionally, cloth is also combined with foil.